Small changes

Okay, it is time to address something serious. My eating habits. I have been going through this weird acne flare up phase these past few weeks. That’s why the photos on Instagram are all just foods and quotes. Out of options and skincare products to try, I decided to tweak my lifestyle a bit.

1) Healthier meal options

I resorted to cooking my own meals at home and eat healthier food. I have not touched a single chip in months and I avoid walking down the snack aisle in supermarkets. It was awkward and heartbreaking to see those chips around for other people to pick up but me. Heartbreaking I tell you! All talk and no pictures make Jack a liar so, here are some of my cookings. *proud smile* 
p/s: If you are a chef or have been on the MasterChef series, keep those comments to yourselves. Leave my cookings and I alone. 
I have been making chappati a lot whenever I can. I have a newfound respect for the people making chapatti in a mamak reataurants now. It’s hard peeps! So, don’t scold them the next time they take a while to deliver your order. Since I couldn’t take picture and knead dough at the same time, no chappati pictures for you, sorry. 
2) Exercise regularly 
I took up yoga, swimming and jogging. That’s right, I am proud of myself too. *pat head* After Fajr I will either jog or do yoga and twice a week go for a swim. It really made a difference. I feel like I’m ready to conquer the world almost. No joke. No pictures of me exercising as I have no paparazzi that follow me around. Sigh. I shall add that to my To-do-list: Hire a photographer/paparazzi/handbag carrier/driver. 
3) Destressing therapy 
Deep breaths, massages, face masks and candles; work every time. 
That’s all really and I do see my skin and overall health improving. So, you all should try these too. I know it’s so cliche but a reminder doesn’t hurt. Have a great weekend!
Nadia Ismadi

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