The ideal car

Everytime I write nowadays it’s about my mum and her craziness. I think I will have to change this blog’s name to ‘Dina’s Crazy Ideas’ soon. I can’t help it because being around her drives me nuts!

The other day she was driving (while I fell asleep in the passenger’s seat, thanking god for my expired license. Teehee) and suddenly she said ‘ I wish there’s a car that can drive itself. We set a destination and it will just go on auto pilot. Wouldn’t it be nice?’ True that, it will be an ideal car.

Hold on, whenever my sisters yelled shotgun in public and pulled each other’s tudung for the door; my mum will say, ‘they should invent a car with three front seats anytime now.’ That’s the ideal car.

Okay, when we are in the mall looking for a parking space, guess what her ideal car is like. No, not the one that can park on its own. No, not valet parking either (although I have been suggesting that at every 4th round around the basement). She wants a car that can be folded into her handbag. When I look at her with my ‘seriously?!’ look, she’ll go ‘true what, not only you won’t struggle looking for a parking space, you don’t have to run around crazily looking for your car if you forgot where you parked it.Smart, kan?’ Oh, we don’t have to worry about the later because you’ll call the police and claimed your car was stolen when you can’t locate it after looking around the WRONG parking space, I mouthed silently.

Also, has she not seen the inside of her bag?! It’s like a convenient store seriously. What’s in Dina’s bag?¬†deserves a post on its own. The car will be lost in there too amongst useless receipts and used batteries and screwdrivers (I kid you not).

My sisters and I have to agree on something though, our crazy gene comes from mama. We thank you ma for that.

Nadia Ismadi

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