Why you all should Lean In and buy this book

Okay, I have to make this entry really quick cos I have an assignment to get back to. Don’t judge me, it’s not like you’ve never procrastinate before. I bet you are reading this to avoid doing something kan?

I have been contemplating on buying this book for a while but after watching Sandberg’s speech on Tedex I lean-ed in and bought it. It’s a great book in the sense that it addresses head on the problem women face at work and offer solutions to them. She explained how women face greater expectation and often scrutinized more by the society regarding family-work balance. We are expected to juggle both and if we are better at one than the other, we’re considered as failures by the society. And what makes it worst is that women are the ones to critic other women on the basis of that ridiculous expectations.

I truly agree with her when she said that if we want women to lean in at workplace (take on more challenges and explore more opportunities for career growth, etc.), men must lean in at home (have a fair share of duties managing the household, share responsibilities to raise the children, etc.). It’s often cited that women are meant to carry out all the household chores and men bring home the money. Since women also have their own careers nowadays, it’s only fair that the work at home are also evenly shared.

For most part it is about women empowerment but men should read this book too because I believe men are not ignorant about most of the issues discussed, but these issues are not addressed with enough conviction in public. 

So, in conclusion get up, shower, go to the nearest bookstore and get this book.

Nadia Ismadi

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