I’m in love!

Amongst the things that I am very grateful for is Investopedia. All hail.

I was working on my finance assignment the other day and was going crazy trying to understand some terminologies. I honestly enjoy report writing (although it makes me feel like pulling my head off) where I can compare and contrast and put my own thoughts into rather than the straightforward assignments with one correct answer. Not many people share that same boat with me I know.

Any finance students here? The jargons are a tad bit overwhelming sometimes aren’t they? So, when all else fails, you turn to Google. And by ‘all else’ I meant, when squinting your eyes at the terms didn’t really help you recall what your lecturer said in class.

So the ever so helpful Google will direct you to Investopedia. It has this very simplistic approach to complicated financial terminologies and sometimes it has this short video explaining the term in a more interactive manner. I love you Investopedia. I don’t know what will I do without you. *kisses*

This entry is not sponsored by the website *nudge Investopedia people*. I just want to express gratitude for its existence. Aaaaahhhh, I’m done rambling about Investopedia. I should be studying now. ttyl.

p/s: To all my nosy friends who got deceived by the title; hahahaahah! I know, I know I’m the girl who cried love. 😛

Nadia Ismadi

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