The last presentation

I rarely post photos of me in uni, mainly because I look so shabby most of the time and I don’t have time to ask random strangers to snap photos of me. Also, my friends are nowhere to be found when I look good but are always there when I look like a hobo, rubbing it in my face. But this one is an exception because I suited up! 😀

I knew I’m doing the wrong course when I couldn’t stop passing fashion judgements in my head during the Capstone presentation. ‘Those pair of shoes she had on were a killer! Oh and the other girl’s shirt didn’t match her skirt’. Had to yell ‘stop it, pay attention to the business strategies!’ loudly (in my head) to focus. Our presentation went well. All the weekly meetings paid off, I must say. I’m so grateful for these brilliant teammates.

Team Erie (we didn’t come up with the name ourselves. It was forced onto us without a choice) and our lecturer. 😉
The lecturer. (Oh, I love pant suits!)

Let me put down my bag before we take this photo. (Unfortunately I look ridiculous in the bazillion photos taken afterward, so had to go with this one.) 
Wani: Don’t forget to do the E-Test k, Na. 
Me: Yes Mam!
She’s so sweet. Always looking out for me. Thanks wani! *kisses*
I’m going to miss this. Everything. Staying up late to finish assignments and midsem exams. The coffee frenzies. I’ll miss the holidays that I took for granted (study weeks, semester breaks, too-lazy-to-walk-in-the-sun-for-classes breaks, feel-slightly-feverish-for-lectures break, etc). I think what I’ll miss the most is having some nap time in between classes. Sobs. I can’t believe this. I’m growing up too quickly. This makes me feel like kicking my 12 year old self for wanting to grow up so badly. 
On the other hand, sometimes I really look forward to the next step. New responsibilities, new people, new clothes. OH NEW CLOTHES! YESSSSSSSSS! *twinkles in the eyes so bright* Forget what I said about missing this. I WANT NEW CLOTHESSSS! 
Nadia Ismadi 

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