Of Ramadhan, options market and McLaren

Ramadhan is here again! Sorry for being late but Ramadhan Mubarak to all of my muslim brothers and sisters out there no matter where you are on Earth! I’m having my exams now and it is hard to keep my mind in one place when I study.

I was reading about options market the other day for my finance exams and I thought…. 
Options market. 

Options refer to the right but not obligation to buy or sell underlying asset…..

Oh, there’s a lot of options in the market. Especially bazaar Ramadhan. Soooo many options! There’s paru with sambal, otak-otak, buah melaka and that green kuih in coconut milk that I like. I’ve never seen any of those here. I wonder if the bazaar in town has it. 

That went on for a while. Then I started googling for recipes. It didn’t take long from there to Laura Vitale’s youtube channel. Oh, she has the best recipes for almost everything! Here’s the link to her channel
Then I thought, it’s not nice to look at food while I’m fasting so I try deflect my attention to other non-food-thing like errrr, cars? 
OH, OH, OH, I have this obsession with the SLR McLaren since I was 15. That car was my PMR motivation. I had no idea how I can actually get the car if I scored 8 A’s. Heck, even with all A’s in the world plus 5.0 CGPA, awards from the prime minister, Yang Dipertuan Agong and the Queen of England; my parents still won’t buy it for me. 
Image credits to common.wikimedia.org
Isn’t she beautiful? 
I shall speed to the bazaar Ramadhan to buy my green kuih in this. And so we are back to square one.
After wasting my time for a while, I totally went to listen to this lecture by Nouman Ali Khan. (my parents read my blog guys. So this is not riak, it’s nagging-survival-tip)
Anywho, have a wonderful Ramadhan ahead. I may be posting more after my exam but to all my friends (and myself) who are going through the finals now, all the best and may God ease everything for us. 🙂
Nadia Ismadi 

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