Thank you KK

Traveling alone has its perks I’d say. Yes, there were times when the most interesting thing that happened to you was watching Nicole Richie trying to get a job. No, don’t you dare talk about her like that. Candidly Nicole is kinda funny. 
But sometimes, you get to meet people who put things into perspective for you. People who are seeing it differently from you. Also you get to buy shoes without people nagging that you have the exact same pair. Now that’s a winner! 
It was a short trip for me to Kota Kinabalu the other day. I wanted to go to the islands but post earthquake and all, I’d rather not. So I went around the city for a bit and caught up with some old friends. 
I asked the stewardess to tell the pilot to stop for a while so I can take a decent picture but they keep telling me to take a seat and buckle my seatbelt. Killjoy. 
Met Sufrina for a while and not long after we had some stares from the sales assistants at the mall for having too much fun playing fashion police. ;P 
You’ve all seen this one. She makes me laugh so hard.

I replenished my energy after laughing madly at those ugly overpriced handbags, with CRABS! I don’t know what will I ever do if they extinct. I will fight for their rights. Stop killing baby crabs! Let those crabs mate to make more crabs!  

Then I had a sleepover with this woman I have not seen in years! Koalavon *inside joke*. Catching up was so much fun. It totally reminded me of PKTR. It’s been 6 years or so but since PKTR but it’s like no years ever passed by. 
No pictures of sleepover, I’m sorry. But do indulge in the picture of my messy room because that’s almost part of the sleepover. 
And then it’s time to go home. Sobs. So sad. It was indeed a short and sweet trip. Just what I needed to clear my head. Alhamdulillah, now I’m done.

I froze by the door awkwardly while passersby stared and wondered if I had cramps. 

Note to the girls traveling alone: bear an open mind and be positive. (Also carry your taser, pepper spray, pocket knife and Beretta as necessary – for safety measures mind you. (Just in case if those keywords are associated with terrorism, violence, etc.))

Traveling by yourself can be a good way to gain some insights. Also, a breath of fresh air can never hurt anyone.

Nadia Ismadi

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