Raya Shopping

Raya shopping is, how do I put this: annoying. Wait, don’t throw bottles at me yet my fellow shopaholics. I love shopping, just not when everyone else is doing it at the same time and at the same place. It makes shopping experience a tiresome not a pleasant one. However, with good company, it can be fun. 
My sisters and I decided to check out the new vendor concept stores and designers in Bangsar. Our first stop was Modvier. I heard people rave about it but never really had the chance to check it out. It’s quite a nice concept they have. So many labels under one roof. Modvier is equipped with personal valet which made people (me, particularly) who suck at parking in such crowded space really happy. Didn’t manage to snap pictures there as my brothers were tugging on my skirt to go home. 
Then we went to shop for the boys. It’s quite a challenge looking for the perfect outfit for them cos I honestly didn’t know they’ve learnt to be picky. Haih, kids these days.
We dashed to visit the Fashion Valet pop up store. Had to control ourselves from losing our heads over the gorgeous designs they’ve stocked up. If I go broke every month, I blame Fashion Valet and nobody else. 
Cropped cardigan: Poplook
Skirt and shawl: Nadia Ismadi (@nadiaismadiofficial on Instagram)

Had to bribe the boys to come with us to look for THEIR clothes. -.-” 
Then we checked out Jovian Mandagie. The ladies (and now, men) are nuts for his creations and who can blame them? Looking for a parking at his boutique was almost impossible. But it was definitely worth it. 
As you can see, am completely obsessed with the pockets. 
Shopping generally is fun but when:
1) It’s almost raya and everyone is flipping out,
2) There’s kids tagging along, dragging you to every Toys”R”Us there are in KL,
3) Looking for a parking space is longer than looking for clothes;
I wish you all Selamat Hari Raya and may your heart be filled with happiness and your tummy with rendang this Eid. 😉
Nadia Ismadi

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