This is all of us 😉 

I’m a few days too late but still, Eid Mubarak everybody! All of us are in grey turquoise this year Can’t believe I had to Google how to spell ‘turquoise’. I thought I had in me.

My baju raya was a disaster.not.talking.about.it. But I’m happy spending raya with my family. When I woke up hearing everyone screaming where’s my songkok?!, that’s my sampin not yours!, it’s my turn to iron my tudung!, who took the iron?!, etc etc; I knew I’m home.

My sisters and I missed out on duit raya this year. Just because we are growing up doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy getting those colourful packets. Also, come to think of it, adults need money more than those kids who’ll waste it on ice cream and candies or whatever kids these days splurge on.

Also this year, there’s no escaping the killer question: ‘when we get to eat nasi minyak?’. Previous years default answer (saya masih belajar lagi makcik) no longer apply. Brainstorming session for a new excuse begins.

Hope everyone had a great raya as many of us are working or starting school or waking up early to send the kids to school (that’s me) tomorrow. For those of you still on raya break, savor the moment and stay off posting your happiness on Instagram if you don’t want to be cursed by people stuck in traffic jam on the way to work on monday. Hehee.

Nadia Ismadi

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