Calling all nice girls!

I have been really into women empowerment books these days. I’m starting work in less than two weeks so I need all the advices I can gather. Honestly, I’m recommending this book to all my girlfriends. It addressed the issues we faced due to social norm or certain standards that society implied onto us women.

Some advices are contradictory but I guess Lois wanted to encourage women to avoid being on extreme ends. Probably she hoped to see women creating a balance between the two. Some of the important issues addressed in the book are managing expectations, risk taking, maintaining relationship and a lot more.

If you’re looking for a book that encourages society to change the way women are treated at work, this is not it. This book focus more on winning the game, not changing it. Overall it is an excellent read for women who are starting or already are in the corporate world. It provides realistic insights and honest advices based on experiences by our fellow species. There are action plans attached in every chapter as well so don’t just read and forget. Do something about the mistakes you’re making.

Oh, and I like how each mistake is explained in a very short and concise manner. Also, you can pick and choose which area you want to focus on to save some time.

Nadia Ismadi

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