Raya emergency!

I’m pretty sure most hijabis have encountered this problem before: unannounced guests and missing hijab. My first response when someone ring my doorbell at home: panic. Then within the 15 seconds I have before inviting them in, I will run around the house looking for instant tudung (it’s called tudung indon in my household). Usually I’ll end up with a piece of random, creased shawl and no pins in sight.

The visit from the pest control people to my house the other day helped me discover one nifty trick. It’s game changing! I never thought I’d do styling tutorial of any kind but this is one is too good and it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy so I must share it. You’re all welcome hijabis.

1) Hold one end longer than the other
2) Bring the longer side and twist it tightly as you don’t have a pin (and won’t need one)
3) Put it over your head and create an epic flip tudung moment while you’re at it
4) Bring the end of the shorter side and put it together with the end that you’re holding on the side
5) With a hair clip (or clip of any kind. Laundry clip pun boleh as long as it’s a clip), bind them all together
6) Tadaa, you’re done. I shall not explain the hands on the shoulders. 
I would like to thank abang termites for this would not have been possible without them coming to my house unannounced. Thank you. 
Also, for those of you who cannot understand the instructions above you can go to Instagram and search @nadiaismadiofficial and checkout the video tutorial. 
Nadia Ismadi

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