I intend to blog about my first day but I was too tired to do that when I reached home so….. zzzzzzzzZZZZ.

It’s my second day today and I can’t complain. I’m working on an assignment already and I have buckets of jargons to digest. There’s EMF, ESG, NAV, PMI, etc. Yeah, I know that last one too. And those are just the very very very basic ones. I’m learning a lot it feels like I was there for a month already.

I actually enjoyed my two days. I know, I know; I’ll check in again after a month. So, how are things with you? All 40 of you (since 2008 and I’m not happy with the slow growth). I’ve been staring at upward sloping graphs all day so I’m a bit ambitious. Hehe.

If I discover something about myself I think I kinda like driving alone. That’s the only alone time I have. But sometimes I wish I have someone to listen to me shouting (abang, signal sebelum bertukar lorong!- yeap, I actually say ‘bertukar’). Nobody stared. yet.

Let’s see what else there is to say?

I plan to share some insights on transitioning into adulthood. chewaah!  But I’ll have to sit down and concentrate without my sister gossiping in my ears.

Nadia Ismadi

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