I’m thinking like a freak

Here’s a book I never thought I’d ever read; a book on thinking. Hated thinking skills when I did A levels and here I am reading about thinking.

The purpose of the book is basically to simplify our approach towards problem solving. Yes, big problems are usually complicated but the solutions don’t necessarily have to be. I could really relate to this because sometimes I factor in too many variables in making decisions, it clouded my sense of judgement. There’s always my opinion, other people’s opinions, other people thoughts (which most of the time came from my assumptions) if I make this decision, my past experiences, other people’s past experiences, and the list goes on.

So the key is to ask the right question in order to solve a problem- which in my case, instead of asking which shoes to buy; I should ask how can I afford them both. Childlike behavior also helps in simplifying our thought processes. Of course as a child, our exposure is fairly limited in accessing risks and consequences but if that’s so bad we won’t be around here all well today won’t we?

Last but not least, people respond to incentives. With the right kind, we can get almost anything out of people. So, rather than thinking ‘what’s in it for me’, start thinking ‘what’s in it for the other person’. It’ll go a long way.

Quite an interesting read. Not as heavy as I thought it would be. I like the story on King Solomon who tried to do justice by cutting a baby in half. I’m not going to tell you freeloaders the story. Buy the book and read it.

Also this book contradicted most self help books that I’ve ever read on quitting. Apparently it’s good.

Nadia Ismadi

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