A well spent 15 minutes and 38 seconds

credits to theand.us 
Doesn’t she look like Kate Middleton? 

I am soft hearted. There I said it, loud and proud. ‘Hi everyone, I’m Nadia and I’m a soft-heartedholics’. Echoes in the background- ‘Hi Nadia….’

I don’t need a lot to get tears rolling down my cheeks. Weddings, some songs, most movies (I cried in Transformers when I thought the robots were blown up by the government), Raya ads, documentary on koalas; you name it. I don’t know why exactly but I’m assuming maybe because I can relate to them and feel the way they felt. I don’t know how do I relate to those koalas and robots honestly. *I can feel the glare from Transformers fans for calling the robots, “robots”.

Anywho, this video about Ali and Andrew touched my heart. I believe this is a propaganda by Kleenex and Royal Gold to sell more tissues. And they did a pretty good job. There’re two parts to the video, here’s Part 1. Kudos to The And Project. Y’all should claim some royalties from the tissue companies for giving them good business.

Nadia Ismadi

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