OOTD, the struggle is real

One of the things that I really look forward to about starting work is the daily outfit. I dreamed about updating more fashion pieces on the blog, more for my reference so that I don’t end up with 31 black top of the same kind. It’s been two months now (almost) and I have not posted a single ootd photo. Empty promises.

To be honest it’s almost impossible to get a photo if you leave at 6.30 am in the morning (when your eyes are hardly open and you were rushing with shoes on one hand and breakfast on the other) and reach home at 10 pm (with raccoon eyes thanks to the mascara and tudung senget). So that’s my side of the story.

Maybe I should come really early and ask the security to help snap a few photos. Brilliant! Will try that and keep you all posted. If I don’t after a few weeks probably I’m in jail for assault. Times like this I wonder how the other bloggers do it? Do they have photographers tailing them everywhere or they simply ask random strangers for help? Curious I tell you. I guess that’s the reason they’re all married. Free photographers 24/7. Now that’s a good reason to get married!

So if you know anyone or you yourself have some tips for this poor child, do share them with me please. I’d really appreciate the input. Merci!

tudung senget : crooked scarf (literal translation) or loosely translated as ‘bad scarf day’.

Nadia Ismadi

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