The 4 of us

Carrie Bradshaw and the girls always make my weekend. They make fun of one another, cry together and most importantly share their lives together. It’s a nice bond to have. And more often than not it makes me think of the 4 of us. We all have different characters and viewpoints on almost everything but when we are together, it’s just so much fun! 
There are times when I feel like smothering them in their sleeps but I guess the gallows is just too much to handle and I know I won’t survive prison. I’m obviously talking about my mum and my two evil sisters. When we are together we gossip, make fun of each others tastes in men (well not my mum cause she married my dad but her other choices…. ), cry together (usually when one person cries, the others will point out how ugly her face is and blackmail to upload the photo on social media to make her stop crying) and of course laugh hysterically together (to a point it annoys the neighbors). 
When ayah wanted to watch rugby and we had no choice but to layan, my sisters and I will choose out team (depending on which team has the most number of hot guys, of course. That’s the spirit!) and join the fun. Usually things are more competitive at home than the field. 
I’m so glad to have them around because I’m a social butterfly and I rarely have a group of ‘permanent’ friends that I stick to (which is not necessarily bad) but I know I’ll always have these lassies around.  
Nadia Ismadi

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