A piece of Morocco in Bangsar

This post is not sponsored so I’m writing because I honestly love this place! I wanted to write this earlier but on weekdays I’ve been juggling a lot of things so I’m gonna write this very quickly before the weekend run out like my smartag credit.

I’ve heard of this spa a few times but never had the chance to try it out. Well that’s mainly because my sense of direction is horrible and I have trust issues with Waze. Finally one fine day, I managed to navigate my way to Hammam Spa Bangsar. Weeeheewww!

The moment I stepped into the place it feels like I was transported into a harem in Morocco (except there was this one uncle who’s sipping tea after a massage). The place is so beautiful with a very exotic ambience.

The sweet lady behind the counter (I forgot her name, sorry -.-” #goldfishmoment ) recommended their signature scrub but didn’t have the time for that so I opt for a massage instead. And let me tell you, it was the.second.best.massage.ever! The best one I had was in Cambodia but this one is not bad! Felt so happy and sleepy (overly relaxed) afterwards. Will definitely try the body scrub next. Some of the reviews mentioned that they can see like dirt and dead skin sloughed off after the scrub treatment. Not in a bad way though, in a totally good, treatment-y kind of way.

This is me trying not to doze off on the comfy couch listening to the explanation by the masseuse. Not that she’s boring or anything but I’m too relaxed and comfy.

It was worth the time and drive. Hammam Spa is located in Bangsar Village 2 and they have another outlet in Publika. More details can be found in their website, the spa menu and all. Seriously girls, if you need some time off and Morocco is too expensive, Hammam Spa is the way to go. Oh, and don’t forget to make reservations before you go just so you won’t get your heart broken if they’re full house.

Nadia Ismadi

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