Stranger’s kindness

I had such a hectic week this week! Been really swamped at work with new projects and responsibilities, reached the first milestone for my fashion label and few other things (top secret projects to take over the world, Miahihihihi!! -simply because ‘muahahaha’ is too mainstream).

Now, what those got to do with the headline? Be patient, I’m getting there. I was walking back from KLCC in my poshest skirt yesterday and it was raining for a bit. I hailed a cab to head to my office (it’s a walking distance but the rain, the heels, the skirt and the fact that I don’t have an umbrella stopped me from even trying to walk back). The cabby asked if I’m serious about taking a cab to my office (that’s just how ridiculously near it is from KLCC but because of the rain and all mentioned above, you know the gist), I said yes. He refused to take me and asked me to walk instead to save money. I said it’s okay I’m willing to pay because it was raining and all. Then he said, ‘I’ll give you an umbrella, don’t waste money young lady’. So he gave me a transparent umbrella, which I happily took as it look so chic paired with my skirt πŸ˜‰

I told him thanks and may God bless his kindness and walked away. I felt so grateful for his kind gesture (was more grateful for the cute umbrella, really) and for me it’s always the small act of kindness like this that made my day.

So, to that uncle who gave me the umbrella, I know there’s a better chance for pandas to mate than for you to read this post; but I want to sincerely thank you for what you did. You’re the best!

Oh, by the way my volume skirt is now stocked in Lawa-lawalah, Bangi! πŸ˜‰ So proud of my babies! Wear them and you’ll get free umbrellas. True story.

Nadia Ismadi

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