Sunway Business Challenge 2015

I’ve been wanting to write about this for the longest time but didn’t have nice photos to share as I was busy freaking out for the presentation and barely able to keep my organs in place. I was so nervous!

I have pitched a few times before but have never done it solo. And let me tell you, the nerve could really kill me! I felt that it’s all on me and if I messed up or didn’t do well I’ll be solely responsible. Oh, the pressure! Not saying that it’s easier to blame other people when we work in a team but it’s definitely easier to ‘share’ the blame/failure (read: totally blaming other people).

I have spent hours in the closet perfecting my speech to make sure I will not be snapping my fingers trying to find the word ‘savings’ or ‘gamification’ in front of the judges. It reminded me of the first debating experience I had when I was 13. Like words just escaped my brain and I might as well go back to Tadika Kemas and learn A-ayam, B-bola, C-cacing.

Now that it’s over, I am more concerned of the fact that I can’t seem to look nice in candid photos. Why can’t I look like this in the middle of saying ‘look at the profit projection for the next 12 months’?

Instead, I look like this:

Note to self: attend a Look Nice While Pitching or Talking in General workshop
Okay, much better. Cancel the class. Just tell the photographer to take from this angle instead. 

The senior managers from Sunway Group were there and it didn’t help that they place us in the chairman’s office space. But in the end I think it went well. The other guys (and girl) in the competition were really cool too! They’re like fire balls filled with energy and passion. It’s so inspiring!

All of us after the presentation *wiping of beads of sweats from forehead*
Alhamdulillah, it was all worth it. Thank you Sunway for the awesome experience! And the huge mockup check we took home! 
Oh guys, be sure to check out the competition next year. It is a bit time consuming but trust me, the experience is definitely worth it (if the rewards are not enough of a motivation for you hard-to-please people out there). And the the interesting people you’ll meet along the way is just like the whip cream on Starbucks green tea frappe for your business challenge journey. 
Nadia Ismadi

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