Happy New Year 2016!!!

2016 is here!!! *throws confetti while blowing trumpets and fireworks exploding in the background* I feel like 2015 just passed by like a breeze. Let’s revisit the post on my 2015 resolutions and see how many things are checked, shall we?

1) I think I got that covered pretty well
2) TNB refused to pay for the photo saying that THEY are the ‘penggerak kemajuan’ not me. Those snobs with the nation’s supply of electricity at their disposal. Sheesh. 
3) Hmmmmmm…. Oh, i did get a new watch! That gotta count.
4) Checked! Hahahaha! For that I’m proud. They’re stocked in Lawa-lawalah, Bangi 😉
5) I finished about 5? In my defense, those books were really thick.
6) ……………………….. This. Is. Just. Too. Impossible. 
And there we have it peeps, 2 out of 6. I honestly feel that 2015 had been an awesome year.
I made sure to note a recap for every month in my planner just to keep me in check and always be striving to achieve more. 
I also note the sucky moments of the month not just the ones that I’m proud of
2015 Recap:
– Launched my own clothing line (@nadiaismadiofficial on Instagram)
– Reinstated Toastmasters Club back in uni
– Had the shortest haircut ever (still very slow growth at the moment, btw)
– Started working in an asset management company
– Graduated from uni! (have not attended the graduation ceremony)
– Sunway Business Challenge 2015 Champion
Not too shabby huh? I have not conquered the world I know, but I’m heading there with one volume skirt at  a time. I’m so excited for this new year and I hope this year will bring greater happiness and success for us all. 
New year resolutions? Take over the world. Period. Oh, and as always: exercise more. shop less. drink more water. read more. learn about the religion more diligently. spend more time with my family. travel to new countries. 
I’m ready 2016, bring it on! 
p/s: this is the final year I can check the 18-24 age box. So not ready to move on from that box. I mean we’ve been together for 7 years! You’ll definitely be missed 18-24. 

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