Apa Kabar Jakarta!

Where do I start? Jakarta is pretty much like KL but with more malls. Seriously, they have 3 malls a fart away from one another. Like if you were to “release gas” in one mall, the visitors in the other 2 malls will also faint.

It’s quite an exciting place to see and a lovely place to be. All this while I heard of the absence of middle class in Jakarta but was not too sure if that’s an exaggeration or in fact true. It turned out to be the latter. I mean I’ve seen how these people shop in Louboutin and YSL like they’re Vincci or something. Whilst just outside the mall by the streets, topless kids in their shabby pants running barefooted around a bakso stall. It was indeed an eye opening experience.

These short haired rambutans are the best! 
Chilling with Adele while waiting for breakfast. 
Went to checkout some antiques along Jalan Surabaya. The guy in this store was trying to sell me the head with that horn on the left. Clearly my bad tudung day was affecting him so much. 

Quite a cool art piece but am not too sure of the story behind it. Oh, if any of you do know the story please share it with me 🙂
They had this on the wall of the elevator but was not enough of a motivation to drag me to the gym. Hahaha.
The hotel I stayed in has a library. I found heaven. And look what else I found;
Sorry the last one is a bit bulgar. I mean vulgar. 
Managed to catch up with my girls. Please ignore my alien-y hand. And don’t even bother saying ‘oh, I wouldn’t even noticed had you not pointed that out’
 This is the best satay and keropok I’ve ever tasted!
Another interesting story was from the masseuse who asked me if polygamy is very common in Malaysia. I asked why is that and she told me that Malaysian clients she had were fairly open to admitting that they’re looking for another wife. 
Managed to interview a few amazing women and men for my conference. Will talk more on that soon 😉
Well, I need to hit the sack now but thank you Jakarta for the wonderful memories. 
Nadia Ismadi

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