Flatlay rookie. 
I managed to finish this book during my trip to Jakarta last Christmas but did not have time to blog about it until now because I’ve been busy with things. And by things I do mean work, my take over the world plan, the Inspiring Orchid Conference and wasting time over the weekends doing nothing / watching the Wendy William show (my guilty pleasure. teehee). 
So, #Girlboss is a book by a famous fashionpreneur, Sophia Amoruso the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal. Let me start by saying that pose, teamed up with her Cleopatra haircut and the LBD is For.The.Win. I must admit I bought this book mostly because of the cover. Don’t judge me. 
I think this is the classic rags to riches story with a lot of determination and hardwork in between. She was a fairly pro shoplifters before putting her talent on spotting vintage pieces into good use and starting her multi million dollar fashion empire. After reading this book (and a few others in the related genre), I realize these people who made it big most of the time do so by trial and error. That’s the better way to learn. 
But I do admire her spirit and passion to turn her life around. Oh and she’s funny and quirky too! You’ll not doze off reading this book, I guarantee you. Some of the advices are to do what you love and do make your own success stories. Usually people who are successful want you to follow their success route and model your life after them but not Sophia. It’s not a book that tell you what to do but more on inspiring you to take charge of your life and do great things with the time you have up your sleeves. 
But I have a bone to pick with you Soph (that’s right, I gave her a pet name); when you said ‘money looks better in the bank than on your feet’, you hurt my shoes’ feelings. And I have to buy them new friends just to comfort them and make them feel better. They’re all good now, thank you for asking. 
Nadia Ismadi

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