Inspiring Orchid interview – Datin Badrunnisa

I think I’ve mentioned the Inspiring Orchid Conference here and there in this blog. It’s a women empowerment conference that I’m organizing alongside my awesome team. So part of the plan is to have an interview session with inspiring women to feature their fun and relaxed side via the ‘Vogue 73Qs’ interview style. This time it’s with the Chief Talent Officer of Axiata group, Datin Badrunnisa. Do stay tuned for the videos on our website. Do stay tuned for the website as well, it’s a work in progress still. Teehee, patience is a virtue. 

She’s a lovely lady, Datin Bad. Please stay focussed on her though as my shirt decides to crumple on me like nobody’s business -______-”
Our mystery photographer, guess who owns these dainty feet ;D 
Will keep you all posted on the conference. In the meantime, do checkout @inspiringorchid on the social medias (Instagram, FB and Twitter) please. Exciting things are brewing, trust me. 😉
Nadia Ismadi

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