A productive Saturday

Yesterday was definitely the highlight for my week. I feel so productive I can open a factory that produces babies. Getddit? *nudge* productive? babies? Geddit? Oh, nevermind.

So I had the first team meeting for this awesome idea we had to encourage people to save. It’s so exciting to move into an unfamiliar territory and to have supportive people around is great. And by being supportive I don’t mean to agree with me all the time and tell me I’m the best and the most beautiful person in the world and the funniest person there is and all those stuff. *flips tudung*. But being supportive in my book means to give constructive criticism and able to bounce ideas off one another.

Notice the black shoes. 

Then I headed to the Fashionpreneur event by Infinite Ventures. Since it’s a fashion forum, I worried that I looked uber dull with the monochrome ensemble so I scrambled for a pop of colour.

While I was running around, I bumped into this adorable mummy! *fangirl scream* Such a humble person she is.

Okay focus, needed to head to the fashion event; no pop of colour yet. And I’m already running very late! Oh I have this neon pair of shoes in the car that killed my feet with a horrible blister last week. Okay, set. Buying a new pair of shoes now will just do the same.

Ran to car and got on waze to get directions ‘untuk menuju ke jalan yang lurus’ (to head to the straight path- which if said in Malay sounds more dramatic). But all that I got from that was: ‘Proceed to highlighted route’ with no routes highlighted. Okay, brilliant. So I called Dickson who immediately knew I couldn’t find my way. Friends like this I tell you are annoying because they knew you and your horrendous sense of directions all too well but they’re such lifesavers.

D: yes, Datin ?(I’m not married to a Dato’ nor a Datuk , it’s just a petname which I’ll tell you about another day)
N: I’m lost. And waze is not helping. 
D: Okay, where are you now?
N: Bangsar Village.
D: Okay, just make way to BSC and follow the signboard to Mont Kiara
N: Okay. 

A minute later…

D: Yes?
N: When you go down the hill, do you go right or left? 
D: ??? 

This is exactly why I don’t drive and why I will fight with Uber to get them legalized. Long story short I got there safely (this is arguable because I think that lorry driver who I swerved in front of will definitely disagree. At one point there might be a middle finger raised from his end. Sorry!). Okay, then parking. I was trying to reverse park like a bause and failed horribly because:

1) The space is too narrow in Publika! – Management, please take note of this
2) People behind me are so impatient
3) Did I tell you the space is sooo small?!

I left the car parked so ‘senget’ in the box and scurried away. Passed by a couple of people who was staring at the car and shook my head saying ‘*scoff* amateurs, huh!’ while pretending I got off from the neighboring car.

The fashion event I was talking about was the Fashionpreneur KL in Publika. An awesome event with a few panel sessions combining fashion and entrepreneurship. So many things were shared like the journey of a few fashion brands like Fiziwoo, Irada, Street Fashion KL and a few others. Some of the sharing sessions were so inspiring as some of the designers who made it big didn’t come from fashion backgrounds and cannot sew to save their lives. Yeay! There’s hope after all.

Did not manage to capture the forum sessions as I was so engrossed with the topics but here are some pictures post event:

Tengku Syahmi from TSyahmi! 
The sun was clearly jealous of us ladies. 
The talented Bon Zainal. How awesome is his name! Imagine he can go around saying; ‘My name is Bon. Bon Zainal’ *slow clap*
My sidekick, Dickson who decided to doze off at the most inappropriate time. The application for my new event sidekick is open by the way. 
On second thought, Dickson stays. He took great pictures. Note the neon shoes
I left home looking completely happy.

It was a great Saturday and to those who were involved directly or indirectly (ie: the guy who sat at the next table who blew his smoke away from me and my food), I thank you all very much.

Nadia Ismadi

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