Three new idiots in town

I can’t remember the last time I saw this guy. No, not the one in the red shirt the one in blue. That dude in red I see everyday till I want to vomit. Teehee, thank god she doesn’t have any social media. I meant HE! But the guy in checkers, Faris never failed to crack me up. Don’t trust his innocent looking face, he’s a clown wearing a normal man’s makeup. 
We looked all civilized for a selfie but seconds after this picture was taken we were back snorting our food again laughing. 
There goes my perfectly drawn eyeliner when it’s all smeared after a good laugh. The ‘mat saleh’ who passed by on my way home must be thinking Malaysians do waste good money on Sephora. 
Catching up was so much fun and conversations just jumped from life in Miri to work to the economy to our hopes and dreams to relationships to being thrown with cendols (it’s a long joke I’d rather not explain). But all in all, by the end of it I felt like going back to the days were we stayed up so late in the study area munching on McDonalds. *sobs*
Here’s to growing old together and to always make fun of each other for no apparent reason. 
Your new inhaler camera was awesome Faris!! I mean ‘Wak Doyok’! And Harry Potter tagged along. 😛
This ladies and gentlemen was probably the 49th attempt to take a decent picture. Eventhough I looked so constipated, the rest were far worse.
Loving this necklace eventhough it’s pretty heavy I’m crawling by the end of the day, dragged down by the weight; but refused to take it off because it’s too pretty. Screw pyjamas, I’m sleeping in this tonight. 
Nadia Ismadi

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