All that glamor

Now I’m constantly scouting for random strangers who can help take my pictures. As mentioned earlier this year, I promise to upload more OOTD-kind pictures on this blog. The other day it was this hotel worker who was unfortunate enough to be standing there offering me coffee. Hahahah, he must have regretted that almost immediately when I took out my phone and sweetly asked for a picture.

But it got me thinking about the rest of the fashion bloggers with uber chic photos. I mean no wonder they have a team of photographers following them around snapping pictures of them smiling while crossing the street, smiling while looking at shop windows, smiling while jumping over a puddle and looking pissed when they miscalculated the jump and landed into the murky puddle, Louboutin first.

So back to the kind foreign worker I mentioned (tons of jokes on the recent announcement comes to mind *chuckles*), he was pretty good I tell ya.

That’s not too shabby Mr. errr… I did not managed to ask his name but please know that I’ll cherish his kindness in my heart. 
p/s: I was smiling at a lady whose climbing the other side of the escalator. Just saying. 
Usually I will end it here; done showing you my outfit and making a fool of myself and posted a fairly good picture. But while I was rummaging my phone for pictures to compliment this post, I saw the behind the scene photo and was laughing my behind off (my parents stalk, btw)!
That’s me in the making of the earlier photo. The escalator was not functioning so had to climb the stairs. Hilarious!
Sometimes I wonder when people take all those Vogue-worthy shots that looks breathtakingly nice, the behind the scene must be even more hilarious. Imagine a women in designer labels from head to toe carrying a transparent umbrella jumping over and over with a smile of her face *click*  then no smile, walk over to look at the photo. Not nice, again! Jumping over the puddle smiling *click* no smile. Repeat over and over. 
Oh hey! How did you get here you sneaky picture. 😛
Nadia Ismadi 

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