From the front row – Amber Sze, Khairi Sufi and Faizel Azraf

I was honored to attend the fashion show by Amber Sze London last week. I was like a 12 year old girl staring at the princesses who gracefully sashayed on the runway. The dresses were all beautiful! When the show ended, the MC asked everyone to applaud for Amber and she came out from the backstage looking so proud but at the same time almost brought to tears by the support from the guests and her parents (who brought her bouquet of flowers); I got goosebumps. Can’t help but be super proud of her and it was such an inspirational moment.

Oh, this is not Amber Sze. hold on ah,… The show is starting now.
My absolute favorite
The detail on the back. *cries*
Ready for the finale?

Sorry for the blur picture but how awesome was the dress?! *cries even more*

The show continued with Khairi Sufi and let me tell you, pink is the new black! Oh the hues of pink the collection had – so demure! Let’s drool together, shall we?

I have one of those umbrellas! Sincerely given to me by this uncle taxi! Read about it here.

 I’m selling all my organs for this one. Look at the lace sleeves! Okay, wedding dress – checked!

Now get ready for the very bold lineups by Faizel Azraf! My vote goes to the lacey red pant suit.

I dare you to disagree with me on this one.


I’ve marked a few favorites and if I were to wear them all I’ll have to probably plan a 12 days and 12 nights wedding celebration.

Last but not least, my sidekick/photographer for the night: Sofia!! 😀

Nadia Ismadi

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