#iocbabes : Marion Caunter

*string quartet playing in the background*

Marion or her full name Marion Rose Caunter was born in Penang in the year 1980. (Please read in the typical voice you hear during prestigious award ceremony).

Okay, that’s all that I want to share.

*rotten eggs and tomatoes on head*

Okay, okay. We had an opportunity to interview Marion Caunter for the Inspiring Orchid Conference the other day. What’s Inspiring Orchid you ask? I shall introduce you the women empowerment conference that my team and I are working on. We are very excited to rollout this conference to push women empowerment in a different light. Usually people (not just women but society in general), previously myself included; felt distant to the cause and people with powers should contribute to champion empowerment. But what about you and me? What are the roles that we can play to support women empowerment? Since we are not neighbors with the Prime Minister to call him out for breakfast and discuss the ways to have more women leaders in various fields; we have to look into measures that we can work on now; today.

The main message that we want to deliver is that every women and men has a role to play to support empowerment. If you’re a mom who decides to quit your high paying job to take care of your family despite the war waged on you by the society; that is empowerment. And if you want to continue to work after having a child that is also empowerment. At the end of the day whatever decisions you make, let them be yours.

Okay, okay rambling ends now. Let’s talk about Marion Caunter because I understand that’s what you’re all here for right. She’s such a humble person who knew what she wanted in life. We chatted about her experience as a mom, the business that she’s managing, her thought on women empowerment and many more. Will upload the video on the website.

Here are some of the photos for you too drool on. Seriously, I had to like ‘control macho’ around her so my fangirl side won’t weird her out.

Note on how she can look like that while passionately talking about her family.

My beloved photographer. Thank you Sue!

Last but not least, thanks Farah for making this happen. You’re awesome! I owe you lunch. 
So, to all of you out there who want to know what you can do to champion women empowerment, do come to the first ever Inspiring Orchid Conference happening on the 28th of May at Istana Hotel. It’s free, so no excuses please ladies and gentlemen. Checkout the website and follow our social media pages @inspiringorchid for more info. See you all there! 
Nadia Ismadi

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