Jane of all trades

Since I started the Inspiring Orchid I have the tendency to women-named everything. My car used to be James but now SHE is Emily. But shoes have to always be Jimmy. Eventhough they’re not Choos they’ll always be Jimmy. Teehee.

My laptop is now resting in a clinic as the battery decided to die on me. I sure hope they’ll return it back to me soon because it has only been 34 hours and I’m losing my appetite. I’m blogging from my phone and it sucks. I can’t hear the clickery sound of the keyboard and writing is just not the same without it. Writers and bloggers are nodding to this, I’m sure.
What was I talking about? Oh Jane. Jane of all trades. That is me in a nutshell. I like dipping my toes into everything. I find new knowledge fascinating and am always trying to do new things. I don’t work well with routine as I get bored very quickly. People have always been saying that multitasking made you lose focus and I can agree to a certain extent. But I don’t see that as the ultimate weakness eventhough the saying is followed by a ‘master of none’. It’s true, not everyone likes to be a master of one particular thing, ie: me. I enjoy being in different things and facing new challenges compared to a stable, routine activity. 
But having said that, I also think it’s important to focus to even when you’re multitasking. Mixed messages, I know. What I’m really trying to say is I enjoy being constantly challenged by new opportunities but at the same time I have to work on one thing before moving to another. Frankly if it is up to me, I want to be conquering the world, managing investments, travel the world while flying kites and knitting a scarf all at once. But I guess with two hands, there’s only so much you can do at one time. So, till the bionic octopus robot hands are ready; we shall have to make do. 
But to all multitaskers out there (myself included), don’t ever get too distracted on diversification till you lose sight of what you’re doing. Take a break, step back and sort one thing at a time. On the side note; to all other Janes, you rock! 
Sorry this entry no picture ah, I don’t want some random Jane from Google search to sue me. Please pray for my laptop’s speed recovery yeah. Indirectly you’re also praying for my sanity. 
Nadia Ismadi 

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