The last chat with Bibik

As she was giving me a back massage, we had a very interesting conversation (for which towards the end she was almost fired- hence the last chat):

N: Bik, do you think she’s prettier than me? *showing a picture on Instagram*
B: (without hesitation and the tiniest bit of guilt) Oh, she’s pretty, you’re sweet.
N: *red with anger and feeling very betrayed* What do you mean?!
B: (slightly guilty at this point) Well you’re sweet as in not boring to look at whilst if I saw her once I’m done. You know? *starting to sweat*

I don’t know which made me feel worse really, the fact that I’m not pretty or I’m just sweet. Or both. Then to cover the big boo boo, she taught me how to flirt. Which was THE MOST HORRIBLE FLIRTING ADVICE EVER! Right next to my mother’s flirting tips.

That’s it, coupled with my “sweet” look and the love advice from my bibik, I am going to be forever alone. *heading to pet store to buy cats*.

Oh wait, I’m allergic.

*sad music playing in the background*

Nadia Ismadi

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