Lean In Circle Dialogue

As I am typing this, I am also checking my brothers’ homework. It is driving me nuts. I can’t be a teacher and this post will also be an appreciation to all teachers out there for putting up with kids like my brothers. Seriously, to those of you who have not taught a single soul in your life, do include it in your bucket list and see the next thing being ‘cure high blood pressure’ in the list.

*Bow down to teachers everywhere*

Speaking of teacher, I met the awesome Professor Loredana of Asia Business School during the Lean In Circle Dialogue yesterday. I first heard her speak during Invest Malaysia and she was so on point!

Lean In organises the circle dialogues on various topics and this round it was on personal finance and investment. They had great speakers to talk about property investment, personal finance management and taxation.

Hello! Why are you people dozing off?! I know from the face of it, financial related topics sound dry but they are really important to understand. You don’t need to be a chartered accountant or financial analyst to understand personal finance but you should at least know not to overspend with your credit cards and live within your means.

It is so interesting to hear diverse views about keeping a ‘secret account’ aside from the joint account after marriage. Some think it’s fair to have a separate financial safety net with the knowledge of the spouse and some think it’s better to have a pooled financial nest.

Here are some pictures from the event gathered from various sources:

See me (in red tudung) being such a kepochi 
The esteemed speakers
I have a resting B face and I’m proud
Meet Professor Loredana Padurean, the Faculty Director for Action Learning. She’s got a really good eye for fashion. Checkout her skirt!
My favourite woman, Abir. She always looks like she just had facials EVERYTIME I see her!
The Inspiring Orchid team with Lean In Malaysia. They have been very supportive of us and watch out for what’s coming in May. It’ll be exciting!
Thanks to great lighting and a good camera 😉
Nadia Ismadi

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