Part 1 of the last 2 months – Inspiring Orchid Conference 2016

I have been super busy. I think this statement has been the opening line for all my entries for the past months. I miss writing a lot honestly but I didn’t get the chance to sit and properly write an entry. Even captions on Instagram can be challenging for me at times.

Okay, to make it up to you, let me sum up the last two months:

My baby, the Inspiring Orchid Conference 

The first ever Inspiring Orchid Conference (that I have also been ranting out a lot here) was finally rolled out! It was a great learning experience for the team and I. We have been planning for months and to see it finally happening is just! I now understand the feeling of a proud parent. We had awesome speakers and the delegates were super! We had great support from left, right, centre and we are very very grateful for that. Special thanks to all the sponsors and partners who helped to make this conference a meaningful one.

Please enjoy some of the memorable moments during the conference. Full album on the website.

Part of the team, the night before the conference. Correction, it was taken at 2 am so a couple of hours away from D-day!
Floor manager at work. 

I tried super hard not to cry on stage while I was giving my speech. I am an ugly cryer, that’s why. 
One with the inspiring Aireen Omar. She was the keynote speaker. Never thought in a million years I would be saying ‘Thank you for coming Aireen’. Still starstrucked. And it has been over two weeks. 
Such a pleasure to host the board members and trustees of Tun Razak Foundation.
Thrive like Orchids, such a powerful discussion. Glass ceiling, success stories, how women can and should support other women were the topics of discussion. This session gave me chills honestly because each and every woman on this stage has achieved so much and yet they are not ashamed to admit that they’re still struggling to improve and be better everyday. Snippets of each session are available on our Facebook page
A session on Women in Media explored hot topics on the role of media in support or against women empowerment, creating the balance between what sells and delivering values to the society via performing arts, etc. Sotong was hit hard that day. *inside joke*
A fashion forum: Designing the Social Fabric. I fangirl-ed over each and everyone of them since forever and to have them all together on one stage at our humble event is such a proud moment for me and the team. And yes, Diana Rikasari flew all the way from Jakarta for this. Alia Bastamam and Tengku Chanela did not fly there but to have IOC as one of their agenda (amidst the crazy raya preparation for Alia and her own makeup launch for TCJ) meant a lot to us. 
psssttt, Alia, give me discounts for your raya colection please….. 
The ever so spontaneous and laidback Naz Rahman speaking on Thoughts from Mars, women empowerment from a male’s perspective. Despite some last minute change of plan, his session was very honest and witty. I know I sounded like a book review but it was a pretty enlightening Naz, well done. And thanks for joining us 😉
We had Freda Liu too! I think ‘inspiring’ would have been an understatement to her session that day. It was very moving and she managed to connect to each and everyone of us. It had been a long day but she managed to keep us glued to our seats for an hour and a half more just to hear about the many ways to get back up from failure and to kick fear in the nuts. She inspired me when I first heard her at the Maybank Women’s Day’s celebration and I knew I needed to have her for Orchid. Watch this interview we had with her before the conference if you can’t get enough of her from the snippets we had on FB. 
We wanted the conference to be a platform to showcase women’s talents. So we had the talented Roshinee for a tickle bone slot and she nailed it! I read her materials beforehand and I still laughed like a mad dog on that day. I like to think that I’m funny but Rosh (we are on a nickname basis now-so that when she’s famous I get free tickets to her show), you set the bar high. Well done. 
Speaking of talents, we also had a fashion show featuring 8 brands; Bellapizo, JN by Jiuan Ng, Shals, Lisa & A (alongside the Chic Initiative), Slae, Ana Abu, Kiss & Tell and Xema Su. The whole fashion show was put together by our partner Fashionpreneur. Thanks Pingkee and Juliana for putting together such a wonderful show! Oh, did I tell you Pingkee is in Australia and Juliana is in UK and they were managing the show remotely (mostly via emails and whatsapp)?! Crazy huh! Special thanks to Bfab, our official beauty partner and Daniel for managing the models for the show. Could have never done it without you guys. 
Some of my faves from the show:
Hello, are you all still with me? I know this is a super long post but seriously there’re so many things I want to say still but I will not bore you people. All in all, thank you very much everyone for making the conference a success and look forward to create more exciting things in the near future, together. 
The lovely volunteers 😉
One with Shea Rasol *cair*
The Geng from A levels 😉
The team. Could have never done it without them. A pleasure to have worked with all of you. Cheers to bigger and better things in the future *hugs and kisses*
I will have the part 2 of this entry up soon. That will include my best friend’s wedding, trip to the palace and trip to Singapore 😉 
-to be continued- 
Nadia Ismadi

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