Part 2 of the last 2 months – Best friends’s wedding, palace visit and Singapore!

Counting days to write about this as the continuation of my previous entry. Lesson learnt: never hoard your stories for too long and stop procrastinating! Let’s skip the jibber jabbers and get right to it.

Best friend’s wedding

Naddy is now married! *cry a bucket* Oh no, what am I going to do? I don’t think I can fully embrace the concept of sharing. Especially Naddy! Nuuuuuuu. ;((((

I missed her akad nikah the night before because of work. Pffttt. So took the first flight out to Kota Bharu in the morning for her bersanding. The place brought back so much of memories from the days in boarding school. Aaaaahhh, such bittersweet two years of my life. 

Here comes the bride….

Ey, hello bride!
See, even without her husband physically by her side she’s already ignoring me. Hmmph.


Trip to the palace

I was super fortunate to have been invited to the national palace to celebrate the Sultan’s birthday. Let me walk you through what happened the night before:

Me: Ma, what do people wear to the palace?
Ma: Wear something classic and please don’t wear your weird looking clothes. It’s not proper.
Me: *feeling a bit insulted and defensive* your fashion sense is erm,.. different. (wanting to say ‘non existent’ but my social filter released it as ‘different’)
Ma: The palace is not the place for fashion sense, you just wear baju kurung, senang.

So I pushed off the bulk of clothes on the bed to the floor (already filled with clothes that were smirked at earlier by mama) and lay the baju kurungs I have. Worn already, too simple it will insult the monarchs, too shiny it will blind the monarch, etc…

At last, none of my ones seems good enough so I repeat the process in my mum’s closet. Hehe, what’s the point of having so many girls in the house if we can’t share clothes? 😉

Disclaimer: Sakinah, this clause is only applicable to all of your clothes and none of mine. Thank you.

Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, a small person with such big presence. 

One with the beautiful couple, Marion and Nasa. 

When I came home my feet were pretty much dead. Next time I go there I’ll be in comfy heels. Short also short la. How do people do this seriously? Models out there, please give me some tips to walk in stilettos. #sayatakuad

Trip to Singapore

I was informed that I will be going to Singapore for a week, the week before puasa. I was so excited to visit Lion City after so long! My parents were not too keen I travel for work during Ramadhan but what to do. Teehee. I attended the Investment Forum Asia hosted by Nomura Securities and it was definitely worth the trip (eventhough I didn’t get to eat the super nice breakfast my colleague raved about). Fintech seems to be the hot topic everywhere these days. Can’t wait to get my hands dirty in one of these projects.

Visited the office in Singapore
And they have this chairrrr!!!! 

Another highlight of the trip (besides work *ehem* – my boss might be reading :P) was my trip to the Van Cleef and Arpels exhibition. I am not a sucker for jewelry usually but this, just wow.

No pressure future husband, I just need this brooch. 
Ahh, good to be home. I’d live in Thai Odyssey if they let me. 
Nadia Ismadi

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