Being a mom is hard!

That’s it, I quit! I’m taking a break from my temporary motherhood job this coming raya. This gig is bad for my mental sanity and bank account. Why bank account, you ask? Whenever I’m losing my head I tell myself I deserve that new pair of shoes and that cute blazer. I’ve worked hard to make the kids happy, I deserve a facial. And the list goes on.

Seriously, how are you mums (and dads) doing it?! After a long day at work,  buy groceries, beat the traffic and rush home to buka puasa with the kids (thank god my sister and maid helped cook the food) then bring them to tarawikh then check their homework (I have bones to pick with the teachers for the overloading homework), do some work after, skype meetings, milking the cow for sahur tomorrow, settle argument on who should bathe in which bathroom, beat traffic to send the kids to school in the morning; and the cycle continues. Okay I exaggerated a little on milking the cow bit, we only drink goat milk.

I definitely should treat my parents extra nice since I now have the first hand experience on how tough life can be with us kids. Salute to all parents everywhere! You guys are amazing.

Work is catching up fast too as everything need to be sorted out before raya. Quite exciting things I’ve been doing. The other day my colleague and I went to visit art galleries and a few venues for our upcoming event. Best.Day.EVER!!

An exhibit from Wei Ling Gallery, Gardens. 
Me pretending to be busy.
This is from Wei Ling Brickfields
Glasshouse at Seputeh. So beautiful. When I showed this picture to my boss, she told me “Err, Nadia the trip doubled up as your wedding venue search too?” -.-” 
Super funny, Rejina. 
The picture of this flower shop didn’t really help my case. But I’ve found heaven. It’s filled with orchids! *post Inspiring Orchid Conference hungover still lingers in my system*
Fast forward 4 days, the weekend finally came! I took the kids to see Finding Dory. Managed to steal some time to shop with Rai, my cousin. She’s hilarious and super sweet. We were stopping at this traffic light when a motorcyclist came quite close to the car and knocked on the window. Her immediate reflex action was “the bags!” and quickly hugged our handbags while giving the poor guy a deathly stare. Rupanya her door was not closed properly. Haih. But good to know she has the bags’ best interests at heart. A true hero she is. 
This is Raihana. Or Rai for short. Grabbed a random uncle to help take this picture of us. Who asked him to stand in front of the toilet waiting for his wife. Bad timing uncle. Bad timing. 
Super love this comfy pants. Well ventilated. Hahaha!
Nadia Ismadi

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