Taking things for granted – guilty as charged

As you can see, I like tamarinds. #itsnotwhatyouthink

I intended to publish a different post today but in light of what happened, I want to write about the things I have been taking for granted instead. It’s raya and I should be writing happy thoughts, I know but I need to share this with you guys.

I have been too comfortable with how things are that I forget whatever that I have can at any point in time be taken away from me. And I don’t just mean the shoes and clothes that my sister borrows without my permission but generally the things and people I have around me. I have been guilty of getting slightly sucked into the social media frenzy that I became unaware of the reality around me. Unintentionally, I start making comparisons of the life that others lead to mine. Why do their lives seem like a smooth sail with no glitches and bumps? Why do they have the designer handbags that I have been eyeing for so long and they’re not even done with college yet?! Why this and why that.

I got knocked hard on the head today. I think it is a gentle reminder for me to start looking at the people who are less fortunate that I am. People with no roof over their head, no family to care for them and things like that. So many people tell me that they wish they can have the life that I have now because they think I am doing so well. And I ask them what made you think that? Oh, through the posts you have on your blog, Instagram and Facebook would be their usual replies. I tell them that most of the things I put up on social media do not reflect my entire life. It is flawed and has several downs not just sky high ups all the time as it is portrayed to be. (On a separate note, how to make a holistic view of life in social media when people react negatively to posts on war, death, sickness and loss?)

*While I was writing this, my mum interrupted by saying ‘who is this person messaging me asking me to go and die?! Do you know me? I don’t know you. Eishh, I’ll delete this and block you.’ I know it sounded like a pretty normal thing to say but my mum says this in a super makcik way I had to stop and pay attention.

Anyway, just a kind reminder to myself, constantly be grateful of everything. Even if you don’t have new things all the time just be sure to appreciate the ones you have and had (for the opportunity to own them).

By the way, Selamat Hari Raya everyone! I’ll post up a proper raya post later k.

Nadia Ismadi

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