Baju itik-itik

Everytime I see this baju kurung in my closet, I’ll always hear the boutique assistant’s voice in my head; “beli la baju ni pondan, comel sangat you pakai. Macam itik itik gituuu!” Translation: “Buy the clothes transgender, cute on you. Like many ducks!”. Okay, am not making any sense in English but seriously in Malay, it’s a compliment. (Although, not too sure being called a pondan or itik is the compliment).

This baju will always be the “baju itik-itik” for me. Did not manage to catch the assistant’s name but whoever you are, you’re the coolest!

Oh, my girl Sofia got married today!! So happy for her and she looked absolutely stunning! Sushi session shall follow soon to gossip about your husband 😛

So ayu. 
Clearly I was over excited for them. RIP my ayuness, flushed down the drain. 
Here’s the close up of the baju kurung, so comfy I tell you. 
Nadia Ismadi 

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