My agony : missing clothes.

I never thought I’d be one of those girls who will toss and turn the world upside down and have trouble sleeping when their things went missing but apparently I stand corrected.

Rewind to 2 days ago…

I remembered having this navy blue suit and my super essential black blazer that I wore in Singapore but I couldn’t seem to find them anywhere. So I went through my closet, my sister’s closet (thrice), my parent’s, my maid’s and my brothers’ closets looking for Paula and Celine. Yes, they have names. I’m kidding la, what do you think I am; crazy?! Lucky I didn’t go over to my neighbors’ and rummage their houses. But seriously those two days were super torturous. I nearly called the hotel to ask if I did leave my clothes behind a month ago.

I went to work in the morning solemnly thinking that my clothes were somewhere out there, cold and abandoned. Were they thinking of me? Did they think I stopped love them and they went on being mean clothes, limping on sticks, bullying other clothes in the Sunnyside Daycare? Okay now I’m just describing Lotso from Toys Story.

Yesterday I packed my stuff after work quickly and was adamant to find my clothes. My colleagues looked concerned and asked if everything was okay. I told them I needed to go home to find my clothes, worried I’ve left them somewhere. They wished me luck and hoped I’d find my clothes. They told me, I know how excruciating it is when you lose something. Go find your clothes! And the entire office cheered me on. Okay, the cheering bit was just in my head but it was so nice of them to not think I’m crazy and rubbed world problems in my face.

Long story short, I went home and rummaged everywhere; again. And when I was about to give up, in between the black abayas I saw…. my suits and the black blazer! Oh how happy all 4 of use were! We hugged each other tightly while victory music was playing in the background. I walked out of the room with a wide smile on my face and told bibik to babysit my clothes better next time. Because of her negligence, my clothes were left all alone and scared. She promised it will never happen again and kissed my clothes sorry.

So, *clears throat* anyone else feel the same kind of attachment to their clothes? Anyone?

Ahhh, my babies. Okay okay, I hear ya. Need to clean them up. brb. 

Nadia Ismadi

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