Tweedle dee dum

You know what they say about people who are ‘mulut masin’ (direct translation: salty mouth. But it really means whatever the person said will come true, like their wishes are always granted kinda thing). So I had that salty mouth moment yesterday. We were visiting the Islamic Art Museum for a food tasting yesterday and seeing all the tourists got me thinking how nice it’ll be if that’s all I do. When people ask me what do you do and I can casually and mysteriously say, I’m a tourist. And I get to enjoy the puzzled look on their faces if they did not think I was casual nor mysterious.

So I told my colleague, ‘I want to be a tourist (kerang busuk grin)’. Wow, I’m on fire with simpulan bahasa today! Hahaha! And right after that, we were heading to Pasar Seni in the middle of the day looking for woven ketupat for raya open house deco. So while carrying my cendol and corn cup I was thinking maybe I should have said to have money raining over my house or something. Hahahah!

Oh, another thing; tweed. I wanted to ask if any of you out there has the same problem. I love tweed for it’s fun but classy look be it jacket or pants or skirt but I have this problem where almost everytime I wear them, I feel like there’s something tickling my nose. For someone with super sensitive nose coupled up with sinus issues, it can be super annoying! Anyone ever came across something like this?

We even went to Mydin looking for those ketupat and they almost laughed in our faces as raya has already passed. -,-” (see how my nose is snotty thanks to those tweeds). These gentlemen have no kaitan with this post, they’re just dedicated hardworkers. Claps for these abangs. 
Central market was quite cool. 
Finally! We spent so much on empty ketupats! I think we need those lanterns too boss (so I can take them home after the party ;P) 
Love the color combo with that hint of yellow 😉
Top: Dude & the Duchess
Cardigan: Dressing Paula
Pants: Cultivation 
Nadia Ismadi 

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