Raya gathering

We hosted a mini family gathering at home yesterday. I wanted to share the stories and wedding pictures the night itself but was too tired to even move my fingers to scroll Instagram page. NO NO, not MY wedding but other people’s wedding that I attended.

So, pre open house we had to do our annual spring cleaning and maigod I regretted to not have saved enough money for the robo vacuum cleaner that can roam around the house scouting for dusts years ago!

p/s: those things are super expensive, I’ll take at least 4 years

So my dad painted the pillars outside of the house and trimmed the hedges as well. And I handled,…

The shoe cabinet! Picture to proof. If you’re wondering, I’m not doing the traditional Iban dance here but I’m scouting for my babies. I’m a single mum with too many kids.
And then mama wanted to get flowers. 

The trip was super relaxing. I want an herb garden. I should start growing my own food and be super healthy like those perfect mums with super gorgeous hair and breathtaking clothes and an herb garden in the backyard. Okay, that’s one too many TV series already. 
There she was teaching the poor guy how to grow hibiscus.
I nearly ‘accidentally’ slipped these orchids in my bag the other day. They’re so beautiful.
And then mama wanted to go to our neighbor’s open house. 
This is her going all Bollywood on me, dancing to raya songs. *roll eyes*
At night we attended our neighbor’s wedding. It was beautiful Sofia and Anas. Such a lovely ceremony. 
Hold on ah, getting ready. 
My partner in crime. I styled her shawl and throughout dinner she kept looking at me asking ‘is my scarf in place’, ‘senget tak tudung kita’ and I had to pin it like she’s the one getting married. She was totally stealing the bride’s thunder. 
What? Where are the bride and groom? *whistle while slowly walking away*
Okay, what’s next? Oh, the open house! Ayah cooked everything! There were Penang Laksa, curry mee and soto! He’s such an amazing cook seriously! Oh oh, did I tell you our dining table caught fire?! Super dramatic and scary I tell you. Honestly, not exaggerating.

Also, being the goof that I am; I forgot to take pictures of the food. -.-” Many apologies. I promise to take some in the next open house which will be when my cat has babies. And I don’t even have cats. 

Nadia Ismadi

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