Ohaiyogazaimasu! – Part 1

I am home! As exciting as it is to be in foreign places, I always have this warm, fuzzy feeling in my tummy when I hear the flight captain announce; ‘to all Malaysians, welcome home’. Aaaahhhh, it’s so good to be back.
But don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I had a bad experience with my recent trip to Tokyo. It has been exciting! I hated myself for not able to capture the day by day adventure I had because by the end of it all, I was too tired to even blink.
To those who asked, I was there for training and since I am working for a Japanese asset management company, mothership means our head office in Tokyo, not mother in law who lives in a ship. Although, the latter would have been so much cooler!

The recent trip was my first time in Japan and it was an eye opening experience. Literally because the Fajr there was super early! I think at one point I was reading ayat kursi in my sujud. Don’t judge me, not so much of a morning person. -.-‘’


Light packing is so not my thing. 
So, I got to Tokyo on Saturday and by the time I landed, it was quite late for anything. But on Sunday I had the whole day planned out. In the morning, I wanted to visit this Sunday market and then head to this town called Minato-ku before catching a sunset cruise. Then head to the shopping district for dinner. 

Out of the four things listed, I did one. Okay, maybe one and a half. Because everywhere is a shopping district for me.

So knowing that I’ll be walking a lot, I put on my most comfortable pair of flats and confidently headed out to the train station.

Okay, how do we do this whole map thing? All I see are colored lines and Japanese names. 
When I reached the station, I felt like such a loser in my super comfy flats because I saw aunties; no, correction: grandmas in heels! *bow 90 degrees*

I got super excited when I saw a bunch of Japanese family wearing Aquaria t-shirts. I think I freaked them out a little as I was grinning and starring at them like a serial killer. I was trying to put my Japanese language to the test by eavesdropping a conversation between this couple. The guy said

By the time I went to the train station, the market was closed. So I headed straight to that town, Minato-ku. I read online that it’s quite nice to cycle around the city. Have always wanted to cycle around a beautiful city with a bouquet of daisies in the basket and wind blowing in my face.

So with a pocket full of daisy and heart full of jelly? No, no let’s start this again. With a pocket full of coins from the subway and heart full of sunshine… Tell you what, let’s KIV this.

Minato-ku was so serene and calm. There were cafes and pizza places everywhere. And it was so pleasant to walk and I was so determined to get a bike. I saw tons of nice ones along the way, there was this one in particular I’d marry. It was all white, with a basket and a bell; parked by the road side, unlocked some more. Was ||

Super healthy meal. No wonder they have beautiful skin. I don’t know how the vegetarian eat this everyday -______- 

See those nice flowers. I wanted to bring some home so badly but would have looked ridiculous carrying them in my arms with them without having them in my bicycle’s basket. Yes, I am super fixated over the whole bike thing. 

Japanese people are super creative when it comes to food I tell you. These adorable piece of cake will turn into food when soaked in hot water. How awesome is that?!?!!! Perfect for people who have love hate relationship with cooking like myself. Bought some as souvenirs too. 

My must visit place, the grocery store. Every city I went, I’d visit the grocery store to assess the feasibility of living in that place (should I ever want to). And Tokyo partially passed because they have tons of interesting food but I had to guess what half of them were as everything were in Japanese. 
The following day the training started and it was so nice to finally put the faces to the names. All these while we were exchanging emails with everyone-san, so to get to know them personally was very nice. The hospitality was top notch, so thank you very much to everyone there who made my stay super memorable while I was there. I’m just going to lump the week’s pictures here so I don’t bore you all with words.  
Sorry had to put this up, the toilets are pretty cool here. #amjakunlikethat
This was the ultimate test of my patience. They served tempura one piece at a time. So we had one piece of prawn. And 5 minutes later, another piece of prawn. Then another piece of eggplant. At one point I was chewing my chopstick dipped in soy sauce. But it was an amazing dinner. 
I nearly lost my voice thanks to this hilarious magician!
We were doing this most of the time, not just sightseeing okay. #mybossmayseethis
Tepilah uncle, I want to see Mario and Luigi!
And off they went!!!
Hello, anybody home? The shops here closed pretty early. *sobs* 
So pose was all I could.
Okay, you know what; at this point we are only at day 2. And mama is yelling for me to accompany her to shop so I’ll continue more later. Stay tuned!
Nadia Ismadi

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