Ohaiyogozaimasu – Part 2

This will be the second part of my Tokyo trip post. I’ll lump all the remaining 3 days here. If you need some details on specific places lemme know.

As you can see, my bike deprived condition worsen day by day. This was in front of a church, the owner must be praying real hard that I don’t take his bike. 
Speaking of the 7 deadly sins, I think leaving the lights open when the shop is closed should be one of it. I mean, it’s so mean to do that to people when they’re hopeful to walk into a shop with that joy in their hearts, thinking what  it’ll smell like inside; only to find an apologizing note on a golden stand. So yes, they’re now 8 deadly sins. The stores in Tokyo closed super early. By the time we finished dinner, almost everything was closed. I said almost. 
Guess who was still open?!?!?! Thanks Choo, you’re the best. *kisses on both cheeks*
I don’t know what my feet were doing, told them to behave in the company of Choos, but they clearly were nervous.
This was what I was trying to imitate. See how similar I looked to this goddess? SEE!
The wedding planner. I don’t think it’ll happen soon for me but can I just walk in and see my options?
See what this random man was about to do….
Wait, that’s my senior manager. *put down coffee and slowly walk away*
I am so proud of myself. That was fish, btw. Thank god I wasn’t reading your ‘is that lizard?’ comments while I was at it. 
I’m a sucker for gold detailing as you can see
300 floors above the ground
Till then!
Now I am back to the office doing normal job. For those of you who think these are all that I do, travel and have fun; please schedule a lunch or dinner appointment with me so I can walk over that perfect picture you’ve painted. I’ll explain what is it that I do soon 😉
Nadia Ismadi

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