MERDEKA! (mostly about cleaning)

Ahhhh, nothing beats the feeling of waking up on a public holiday at 11am with no place to go and nothing to do. Pure bliss. I felt super patriotic today. But not enough to drag me our of bed to join the crowd in Dataran Merdeka. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.

Happy Independence Day Malaysia! You’ve been strong and brave hustling through the multiple *(@^$%#$ that hit you these 59 years. I am so proud to call you my home and no matter where I go, you’ll always be my numero uno.

I made a promise today not to go out at all and spend the entire day at home and guess what, I did it! Super proud of myself. I feel super productive by intentionally being non-productive! Hahaha! Just needed some time off work. So I’ll use this time to post an entry since I’ve been procrastinating this for too long.

I wanted to tell you what I did last weekend as it was probably one of the most productive weekend I had. I cleaned up my closet. Yeap, I finally managed to find a place for everything in my wardrobe. No, no if you’re thinking of a 500 sqf wardrobe that is just filled with clothes and the Hermes family; I stand corrected. My wardrobe is not big but everything in it was spilling out. So, I need to stop sleeping on a bed with a pile of clothes on the other side to keep me company and the pile of clothes on the floor next to my bed accompanying the pile of clothes on my bed.

The nightmare
The photo above only shown half of the mess. The portions for folded clothes are just too embarrassing for the netizens to see.  
So part of my organizing plan, I need more compartments. Where is the better place to find stuff to organize stuff than IKEA! 
I’m sneaking this yellow bag to carry my stuff. Uber fashionable no? More importantly, it can fit my whole house in here!
After soaking in some inspirations from the ‘rooms’ they had in IKEA, I went back and put together…
Now I get to pretend to be Anna Wintour every morning when I’m choosing my clothes and just poker-faced everything. Woohoo! 
The sweetdream. Ahhhh, mommy’s so proud. *tears of joy* But I need to get those wooden hangers to look more neat and uniformed. 

This really isn’t a Merdeka post is it? To those who feel cheated and are frowning now, I’m sorry. But in my defense (so not wanting to lose here), I feel so liberated and free after cleaning and I have granted my clothes’ their rights to a proper home. Isn’t that patriotic?

*objects flying in my directions*

Nadia Ismadi

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