Make way for the superwoman

When I take over the world, I am wearing this everyday and hire people to walk around with me carrying a fan, in case there’s no wind. Why do we need wind?


This dress has been hanging in my closet for a while so I thought it’s time to take it out to play. And play was all we did! I had so much fun swirling around in it. Purposely brisk walking so the wind will blow the cape, I mean skirt. No, I really do mean cape.

Suitable for serious occasion
and fun day out with girlfriends.
Like this one. Had lunch with Rose, my housemate during A Levels. #sheissingle 
Be sure to wear heels when you don this piece because you don’t want to be cleaning the sidewalks in KL. God knows what will you find stuck underneath your skirt at the end of the day. Urgh, am imagining what can possibly be there. Gum; that’s for sure. Spit; double sure! Money? Oh, I hope there’s money. Let me check. 
Nadia Ismadi

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