Trying your best

Malaysian Reserve is staring at me now, nudging me to read it. But you know what, the Minister of Finance 2 can wait. Not that he’s Minister of Finance 1 or something. Hahahah! Okay2, mean joke. He’s an awesome person I’m sure.

I feel super accomplished this week. Learnt so much at work during my first due diligence presentation. Unfortunately I can’t be taking pictures during the DueD session obviously. Which also explains why my job seems like too much fun; I can’t document the nerve wrecking bit. This is either due to the fact that it is inappropriate to take pictures of the events/meetings or I am too depressed to take pictures of me being depressed.

Also, we finally finished our level 1 Japanese lesson in the office! *cheers* Don’t start drilling me with questions like how to say this and that in Japanese as I am not able to piece sentences together properly yet. Okay fine, I can’t even count properly yet. The numbers after three are just random word that sounded like Chibi Maruko Chan’s muttering. Eh wait, they must have Chibi in Japanese right?!
People say people learn language better through movies and songs. Okay I’m just looking for excuse to watch cartoon. 😛

The last day of class the teacher let us play bingo to improve our numbers and reward us with cookies!

I took the box so I can give a proper home to my Nespresso capsules. The’ve been living in a box all these while. I mean, a less fancy box. They deserved a lot more. 
Managed to slot some me time to run in the park. More like the first 20 meters run then aunty walk competitively with other aunties all the way. Okay what! At least go sweat a bit. 

I do feel bad for not being able to spend that much time around my lil cheekies these past few months. So that night when I came home, they were still awake. I watched Mr Bean with them. Actually I made them watch this. It was more like they had to teman me to watch Bean.

My brothers has been so sweet to buy me seaweed everytime he went to the groceries store. Bibs wanted to be sweet too so she packed me some rambutan. Little did I know, she packed the whole trees. Super thoughtful. :/

I do feel like I’m constantly in a rush these few months and not being able to do everything. People keep saying focus on the things that matter but I feel that everything I am working on means a lot to me so I am unable to choose. I blame traffic for making me feel like half of my life is spent on the road. I should just parachute to work.

If you guys have any idea on how can I work more efficiently and be around my family more at the same time, I’d love to hear it. Honestly. I really do need help.

Nadia Ismadi

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