Grey… fan?

Speaking of grey fan, I am relieved about Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift calling it quits. Huh? What is the relationship between a fan of grey and the two celebrities? Nothing, I just want to say that I’m glad they ended it. 

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but I am easily attracted to statement pieces. Anything from handbags, to shoes, to clothes; statement pieces are becoming such staples now. This grey top is one of it. I mean, how can you not dig this!!!
Okay, it looks pretty normal no? Wait for it…..
I know right! Felt so chic and feminine in this top. Wanted to pair it with a lace skirt but I thought it’ll be slightly over the top. Glad I opted for the pants instead. 
I’m late but let me just flap my wings (or fan) for a minute.
Nadia Ismadi

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