The first step

I think I finally understand how a mother can forget the pain and struggle she had gone through during pregnancy and labor the moment she sees her newborn. No, I’m not talking about me! I mean I am talking about me but in a different context. I finally gave birth to the baby I have been working on for so long: the landing page for my fintech app!!!  *fireworks*

By the way, if you have been reading for a while; the ‘takeover the world plan’, yeap I was referring to this. (I think this will finally put the ISIS concerns to rest.) So tadaaaaaaa!

I have been wanting to create something I can call my own and this startup is so much more than that. It stems out from the concerns of youth bankruptcy cases caused by credit cards that are rising by the day. As someone who just started working myself, the use of credit cards seems inevitable. And the temptations are just too much. With an office a walking distant from my favourite stores-to-drool-at in KLCC, it is almost impossible not to be a bankrupt! True story: I was in this store the other day to see this bag that I’ve been wanting for a while, when the store keeper told me grab it now as it was the last piece (they say that all the time but it works like magic on me. all. the. bloody. time). So while hugging it tight, I braced myself to ask how many kidneys am I selling for this? He chuckled and replied; ‘mengarut la you lady, just swipe your card and it’s yours.’ It was RM 24k guys. *cries blood* (why my tears are not diamonds or something?). If I had swiped my non existent credit card at that time to feed this huge temptation, I would have been by the street the next day, using that ridiculously gorgeous bag to keep the pennies that people give me as I beg.

With Save4Dream, we seek to ultimately change the way people manage their personal finance and encourage young people to save for their financial goals. I am very fortunate to be working with talented people to make this happen. Eventhough we have not launched the full fledged app yet but this website that we recently launched marked the beginning of something bigger.

Let me tell you a bit about the app. It is exactly how it sounds. We wanted to launch a personal finance app that can help people sort out their financials. No, we are not Ah Longs or Ah Lings who can lend you money. And no, we are not one of those ‘Fast Fast Rich’ schemes. So the app will help you to achieve your financial targets that you have set for yourselves and help you to achieve them by working on your daily budgeting and reward you for achieving your goals at the end of the day. Sounds cool, huh? It is! Okay am being totally excited, out of control now. But honestly, it is very exciting! So for now, do head to the website ( and tell us what are you going to save for with the app. We’ll help you to make it happen 😉

Just choose the options above and a pop up registration tab will appear. Easy peasy. 

I will keep you posted on the progress. We appreciate any comments and thoughts you have on it too. You can reach us via email: . And please wish us luck!

Nadia Ismadi

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