I’m going to be a mum!

Note to the ‘tarbiah sentap’ groups: Don’t judge a blog post by its title. Read through please.

Okay, the title is relatively true. Depending on how you see it. Whatever it is I am super duper happy! My best friend is now pregnant! So technically she will be a mum and since we are BFFs I’m going to be a mum too!! Okay by that logic does it means when she’s a granny I am one too? Uh Oh. *panic attack*

Okay okay, one thing at a time.

I have tons of baby names already for her. All kinds; Malays/Arabics, Mat Salehs/English, Chinese, Indian, Kadazans and Nickelodeons (Nur Spongebobelle or Siti Squidwardiana doesn’t sound so bad, no?) She doesn’t seem to agree to most of them but I will try again with a personalized, bedazeled baby sweater (that spells Nur Spongebobelle) in my hand as a gift. Hah! Can’t say no now can we?! #sisbijak

So, names = checked!

Let’s see what’s next? Parenting style. Cool mum. So I’ll get the fun bit of the baby – taking him/her out for movies, buying junk foods, go to theme parks and when the fun bits end; go back to mummy. Done.

Wow, I’m on the roll here! Oh, I almost forgot –  the most important thing:

What will this baby call me?

Aunty Nadia?

Aunty Nad?

Makcik N?

Mak Cool?


I like babe.

Okay, I’m tired already. And the baby is only like 5 weeks old -.-”

Loooooonggggg waaayyyy to go…. (counting days)

Wish us luck!

Nadia Ismadi

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