Hi, I am the CEO

I’m typing this at 2:50 am in Singapore with my face mask on because I look like crap. Catching up a plane later at 7:15am. This week has been a pretty exciting week for me and my S4D team for various reasons. What is S4D?! Oh you peeps need to keep up with the program. It’s Save4Dream, the personal financial platform that we are launching. I’ve blogged about it here and if you want to know more about us, head to our website. Okay, promotion is over.

So, what was I saying? Oh yeah, exciting week. So my co founder and I participated in the inaugural Fintech Festival in Singapore and it was so interesting! I missed the first day of the conference (due to no fault of my own) but Yingteng, my co founder covered for me. Against the other fintech startups at the conference, we felt so small honestly having just brewing the idea together for about 6 months or so. But we learnt A LOT! Everyone was vibrantly exchanging ideas and thoughts about the industry and the progress that we should be making. We’ve managed to speak to a few potential partners as well and by the end of it; I’m overloaded with information.

One meeting that we went that kind of stuck in my memory was with one of the banks. We pitched the idea and they thought it was great but he said: I have been so used to working with ‘X race community’ and you know, I try to steer away from people who are linked to politics. You know la, all this scandal and corruption, bla bla.. So that went on for a bit. Then when he asked us about the team; So the three people in your team are all ladies? (looked a bit concerned). We said no, we do want to promote diversity as well and the CTO is a guy. Aahhh, I see (looked a bit relieved). Seriously, what was that all about?!

Aside from that remark, the rest of the event went well and met a few interesting startups and discovered so many new inventions covering financial inclusion technologies, blockchain, big data analytics, biometric securities, just to name a few. I sound so smart spewing all this jargons, don’t I? 😛

Oh, another pleasant experience that I must share here is about integrity and manners the taxi drivers have. So I arrived to Changi with the last flight out of KL and I reached at about 10ish pm. So I told the driver that I am heading to this Raintr33 Hotel (They spell it with numbers, don’t ask) and I showed him the screencapture for the booking to show the address in near Changi. He said okay so off we went.

The next thing I know, after 20 mins I was nowhere near the raintree and I saw a signboard that says Beduk.


 (Boarding now. to be continued)

Nadia Ismadi

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