I am now a fan, Malc.

The cover looks like I’ve read this book a bajillion times. Padahal only finished one round :}

I have been keeping Malc for so long but did not manage to pick him up. Who’s Malc? Malc as in my new (self declared) friend Malcolm Gladwell obviously! (If you are reading this Malc, Malcalm, Mr Malcalm? please don’t disown me, I’m a huge fan).

Anyway, I target to do more reading before this year ends so I don’t seem too pathetic – frantically buying books but not reading them. I managed to finish What the Dog Saw by Malc and it was uh-ma-zingggg! I heard such good reviews about him which made me buy the Malcolm Gladwell set from the bookstore but have not been reading them till now. Oopsy daisy.

He didn’t talk about utra sophisticated themes but it got me to think about the most mundane things like ketchup and mustard. Did you notice the evolution of mustard but the lack evolution of ketchup? Who would have thought that a story of condiments can be interesting? For those of you who’d like to read this chapter, it is actually included in Malcalm’s page; here. I think if you head to the link to his New Yorker Archive you’ll be able to find three quarter of the book, if not all of it.

I think Malcalm’s strength lies in his story telling method. He made seamless connections between the abundance of information contributed to the fall of Enron but did not help with terrorist attacks, similarities between recruiting a quarterback and a school teacher, the solution to homeless issues, the history of hair dye and birth control pills; just to get you excited. Malcalm talks a lot about perspectives and discussed about how things seem vs how things are.

It sounds so serious when I say it but seriously when you read his piece you’ll understand why his way of thinking is very interesting. Books like this do put things to perspective about how I’ve viewed various events that had transpired all these while. More often than not we see things from the face of it (and blame the government) without trying to understand the underlying causes or triggers. It’s good to read something like this to help you shift that mentality and help you understand the bigger picture.

So if you’re not busy (unwrapping truckload of gifts) this Christmas, pick up a book and read. Or you can head to Malcalm Gladwell’s site to read some articles. Trust me, worth every byte spent. Enjoy Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Nadia Ismadi

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