Beige, Blue and everything Loose

I had such a great time shopping with my sister (sakinah – her nickname is Skunat) while my other sister (Munirah – her nickname is Mulalis ((don’t ask me why, that’s just how things are)) was prepping for exam. One of the places we hit was Mimpikita because of their awesome year end sale! (I think the sale is still ongoing so checkout their store or their website to catch the sale. Hurry hurry!

So I got this really cool Dora the Explorer-ish long cardi and I must say, beige and blue ; not a bad combo! Also, this cardi is super Shariah compliant that my mum must be on her praying mat now to sujud shukur.
During my fashion experiment (which bibik is not a fan of as clothes will be flying everywhere in the room: on the floor, near the door, stuck between the window, on the bookcase – you get the idea), I place this cardi on this navy blue satin set and voila! Match made in heaven.  The top is part of the capsule collection for my own clothing line (that I have been sitting on for a while, I know – so not good). So *clears throat* the capsule collection will be released soon for preorder 😉

Look at me feeling easy, breezy, beautiful, Covergirl. hahahaha! Perasan level 10000000. 
Long cardi – @mimpikita 
Top – @nadiaismadiofficial (soon to be released) 
Pants – Dude and Duchess @ddcollective
Nadia Ismadi

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